måndag, mars 10, 2008

Barn och mat

Ser en sky-dokumentär om ett barn som vägrar äta. Som verkligen VÄGRAR äta, som äter ingenting och i bästa fall dricker lite vatten. Tala om ångest!

Beskrivning av programmet här:
Tia McCarthy is 7 years old and she has never eaten anything. She is fed through a tube into her stomach and she never gets hungry or thirsty. Her mother Sue is desperate for a solution to be found to this puzzling problem before it is too late. With medical opinion in Britain unable to find a solution, Sue is preparing to submit Tia as a research case to the one of the world’s leading specialists in the art of encouraging children to eat. This film follows Sue and Tia as they head to Austria to meet Dr Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer, whose programme of ‘controlled starvation’ boasts a near perfect success rate. The film follows Sue’s emotional journey as she hands her child over to the woman who she hopes can do the one thing no one else has ever managed – teach Tia to eat.

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